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Your specialist for metal deep drawing , deep drawn parts , metal tubes , tube sleeves , sensor sleeves , compression sleeves stainless steel deep drawing , forming, pressing frames and much more. Since the establishment of our company in 1952 in Nettetal, we have consistently focused on the production of deep-drawn and stamped metal parts, in particular with tight tolerances. Our 50 years of experience in this field has made us a renowned supplier of high-precision, mass-produced sleeves of stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper and brass. Today, we develop and produce different types of sleeves for national and international customers in particular from the automotive, electronics and plumbing industry. From series planning and design including toolmaking, degreasing and thermal treatment through to surface finishing, we offer everything from one source. Continuous further development together with the high expertise of about 120 employees ensures that our customers are consistently provided with a wide range of services.



The national and international automotive supply industry is among our most important markets. The sleeves we produce for various applications to suit specific customer requirements are among the technical components without which modern hydraulics (e.g. hydraulic applications, brake lines or power-assisted steering) are inconceivable.

Reliable swage fittings can be used for diverse hose connections, e.g. fuel lines. The sensor sleeves of heat resisting steels we produce are suitable for use in exhaust systems, for example. Our products can also be found in modern vehicle transmissions.

A large number of our metal sleeves are used for the construction of reliable commercial vehicles and construction machinery.

Building services

Our products are used in all areas of building services. Leading manufacturers in the plumbing and heating industry use our press fittings, available in diameters from 12 to 110 mm. We can also supply products in non-standard sizes. Our deep-drawn parts have been used for numerous premium taps and valves for years and are designed to ensure maximum reliability in daily use. Water meters using our highly reliable deep-drawn housings operate efficiently in continuous use both at home and abroad.  

Measurement & Control

Without sophisticated measurement and control, many of the items we use on a daily basis would not work. The manufacturers of tractors or medical products, to name only a few very different examples, are reliant on high-quality production programmes to ensure that their products are highly reliable. This also includes our metal sleeves.

Our sensor sleeves for temperature and pressure measurement as well as housings for pressure regulators, for example, are a popular choice. These precision products are available in small diameters from 2.3 mm and lengths of up to 80 mm.


Design & Toolmaking

For more than 50 years, our design department has been developing deep-drawing tools for our transfer presses, planning pilot lots and rendering these individual tools suitable for series production. We use our expertise together with the latest CAD technology in tool design.
In addition to conventional tool production methods, we also employ modern computer technology using CNC data. We also take into account customer specifications and data in design and toolmaking. The tools produced in this way are the basis for series production on the multiple die press.



For the series production of our sleeves, we use state of the art transfer presses – both with conventional and servodrives. This advanced technology has enabled us to specialise in the production of large series. Our series production is subject to continuous quality control in accordance with IATF 16949 : 2016, DIN EN ISO 9001.2008.

Transfer presses with press forces up to 200 tons are used for deep-drawing sleeves of stainless steel, steel, Inconel, aluminium, copper and brass. The lowest and highest technical values for the deep-drawing process are: sleeve lengths from 15 to 150 mm, internal diameters from 2.8 to 110 mm and material thicknesses from 0.2 to 3 mm.

Each individual product has an inspection plan to ensure that our high quality requirements are maintained. Reliable maintenance and servicing of machines and tools is carried out by our own specialised teams.

Degreasing & Surface Treatment

After production, deep-drawn sleeves are thoroughly degreased in a solvent-based, closed vacuum system using tetrachloroethylene or in a state of the art vibratory finisher. We can also carry out residual dirt analyses as well as thermal treatments up to 1100°C in a continuous or dome-shaped furnace in a controlled atmosphere on request. Full compliance with all environmental regulations is ensured.

We also offer various surface treatments for our sleeves. Customers can choose between electrodeposited coatings, plastic coatings as well as polishing and pickling of sleeves produced by us.

Raw material & finished parts warehouse

Our large finished material warehouse offers our customers greater flexibility for their own warehousing requirements. Ordered sleeves are delivered from our high-bay warehouse only when needed. Our fully automatic packaging facilities ensure identical piece numbers per packaging unit. We can also provide consignment warehouses at home and abroad on request.

Our range of services is complemented by our extensive raw material warehouse, which enables us to respond flexibly and promptly to customer enquiries also at short notice.


Quality management

Certification to IATF 16949 : 2016, DIN EN ISO 9001.2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001 testifies to the efficiency of our consistent quality management. Reliable large batch production is the result of our consistent quality management and more than 50 years‘ experience in metal deep-drawing.

In-process controls ensure the consistent quality of our products. For this purpose, we use state of the art software with 3D measuring machines and photo-electronic sorters.


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